Everything is not as it seems

On day 3 of my first ride, I was riding through a small town in Wisconsin with a group of about 10 other riders. An older lady came running out of her house yelling, "are you those AIDS riders?". I was the only one who peeled off and rode back to talk with her. I was preparing for a tongue lashing. She was an older white woman, and I immediately thought that she was going to yell at me or hit me in the head with a bible and try to show me the way. I was so wrong. She wanted to give me money and hug me. One of her friend's child died of AIDS. She wanted to give something in his memory. I was a sweaty, stinky mess and she wanted to hug me. It is over 10 years ago that his happened and it still makes me tear up. I miss the ride, the community,the kindness. My favorite shirt is still, humankind, be both.